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Product Description

"Solaris" - D.N. Body Lotion-Dr.Nona products


The multifunctional composition of a body lotion Solaris helps rejuvenate extra-dry skin with deeply penetrating, nutrient-rich moisturizers, giving you soft, healthy, youthful looking skin.* It protects the skin from the sun’s radiation, reduces the appearance of scar tissue and beautifies skin texture.

Solaris contains the Dead Sea bio-antioxidants the effectiveness of which is enhanced by the addition of aromatic oils and phyto- nutrients.

This new product employs a combination of compounds that has never been available before: the Dead Sea Bio-Organic Mineral Complex and Avocado Oil, that has been shown to possess properties that may help protect skin against free radicals.*

Directions: To achieve best results with this product, apply a small amount twice daily.

About Dr. Nona International

Dr. Nona International (Dr. Nona) was founded in Israel in 1994 by Dr. Nona Kuchina and Moshe Shneerson. The company develops, manufactures, and sells cosmetics, perfumes and dietary supplements-products for strengthening human health.

The uniqueness of Dr. Nona products is achieved by adding Dr. Nona Kuchina's scientific discovery, the Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, to the contents of every product. The complex is derived from a special group of minerals and nutrients found only in the Dead Sea, one of the richest sources of minerals and microelements in the world. The bio-active component of this complex is the archebacteria, which survives under extreme conditions of high concentration of salt water, high temperature, and sun radiation. In the process of evolution, this bacteria developed properties that allowed it to become a powerful natural antioxidant.

All Dr. Nona products have been approved by the Ministry of Health of Israel known for its strict policy on quality product manufacturing and efficacy. They are natural, do not include animal derivatives, and have never been tested on animals. The capsules are made from vegetable materials and the packaging can be recycled.

At Dr. Nona we take pride that all of our products have been developed with Dr. Nona Kuchina's guiding philosophy in mind - to create a better, healthier and longer life for all